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Members's FAQ

What are the goals of Ms. World XXX?

Ms. World XXX aims to become a beauty pageant that is open for every woman who wants a fair shot at being a contestant of a beauty pageant. This is the avenue for every woman all over the world to show how much they deserve the chance to be a beauty title holder. Ms. World XXX also aims to give due exposure and price to the woman who deserves the title.

What is the difference of Ms. World XXX from other beauty pageants?

Ms. World XXX is very much different from other traditional beauty contest. Ms. World XXX is an online based contest where everyone who is qualified to join gets the exposure they deserve. Unlike other contests, Ms. World XXX will run for a longer period of time. This is also the first ever online reality beauty contest that will open forums for fans, critics and contestants to interact. The fate of each contestant lies on the votes coming from site visitors because they get to judge who gets the title.

Ms. World XXX is also the boldest beauty pageant in the net. Here, we practice freedom of the contestants to present themselves however they want. There is no basis for any criteria; the only thing the contestants need to prove is that they are real persons (meaning they are not stealing someone else’s identity)

How do I see the complete galleries and participate in voting and the forum?

All you have to do is fill up the registration form and wait for approval of the webmaster; you will automatically become a member. Simply log in to view all galleries and vote for your favorite candidates.

How do I become a member?

All you need is to accomplish the membership form, be sure that you have a legitimate e-mail address and you are 18 years old and above.

Do I need to submit credit card info?

Definitely Not! As we've mentioned, Miss World XXX does not have a membership fee.

How Do I support my favorite contestant?

The best way to support them is to cast your vote and join the forums. There are added points for your favorite contestants if you buy any of the Miss World XXX items that are listed on the merchandise page of the site. If you browse through the site, you would know that part of the income for every item that you buy will be placed on the prize pot.

Can I interact with the Contestants?

Yes you can. Contestants are not employed to Ms. World XXX and just like you they are in front of their own computers in different corners of the world. You can chat with them through the forums, you can send gifts to them by purchasing from our merchandise, and you can even send them donations. You have the option if you want other people to see who you are sending gifts to. A thread in the forum will be made to show the latest gifts that are being sent by the members to the contestants.

Can I report other members?

We would highly appreciate it if you report people who are not behaving too well on the site; we strongly suggest that you do. Rest assured, the staff would do all the necessary measures to keep them out so we can maintain a peaceful community J

Is there any possibility that my membership be forfeited from Ms. World XXX?

Yes, if a member is being offensive against fellow members and/or contestants, there is always a possibility that he/she loses his membership to the site. How can it be offensive? If a member/contestant reports you, we will review your posts within the site and automatically forfeit your membership. Stealing contents from the site is also grounds for forfeiture, not to mention there are legal consequences for this kind of action. Asking for contact details of contestants is also not allowed. As we have mentioned, we have utter respect for people’s privacy and we will appreciate it if you do the same.

If dismissed is it possible to make a new account?

Yes you can, but if you went back and continue having unruly behavior, Miss World XXX will have to delete your account all over again.

What are the limitations on forums?

We request all the members to use the forums as an avenue for discussing different things like the contest, politics or whatever you feel like discussing. But please bring your personal ads to EBay or Craig’s List.

Is Miss World XXX open for suggestions and comments?

Of course, feel free to e-mail us and send us your feedbacks through admin@mwx3.com

Contestant's FAQ

How Do I become a Contestant?

You just have to complete the requirements that we are asking for and complete the form.

How are the winners chosen?

Unlike traditional beauty pageants, the pool of judges is site visitors. To be eligible to be a judge, you just need to sign up and register your e-mail address. Then you are good to vote. Just take note that there is such thing as an IP detector so, repeated votes won’t be honored.

Purchasing an item from our merchandise page can also entitle you to a bigger number of votes per item that you purchase.

What are the Stages of the pageant?

Wait for the updates regarding eliminations and the final round to be announced February of 2009.

What will the winners get?

Well we’d say the best price is the prestige and the opportunity to become a beauty title holder thus, exposing the winner to a golden privilege from our sponsors. But it all boils down to the cash price, right. At the top of the home page, there is a pot meter that will display daily increase of the cash price. The pot will start at $5000.00 dollars. With every purchase that a visitor will make, a percentage of the amount of each sale will go to the pot! So we may never know how high the stakes could get!

What Can a Contestant do to help garner points?

We encourage each contestant to send over their pictures and videos so that we can display it in their galleries. We do not allow pictures or videos that expose their female organ, nor do materials that explicitly show sexual contact. Each contestant has their chance of sending over as much materials as they want. Each will be screened by Ms. World XXX staff before being broadcasted on the site.

Is the pageant legitimate?

We want the pageant to be legitimate all the way; that is why we screen the contestants by requiring them to show a scanned ID as proof that they are in the proper age to compete. Ms. World XXX pageant is in compliance with the 18 U.S.C. 2557 record statement and we appreciate it if people who would attempt to join the contest respects the laws just as much as Ms. World XXX does. We also do not tolerate people who steal the identity of another person. Anyone who does so will automatically be withdrawn from the contest without prior notice. We also advice anyone -contestants, members or visitors- to contact our webmaster in case they need anything clarified.

How Many Contestants are allowed to enter?

Everyone who passes the screening will be allowed to join the pageant.

How can you withdraw from the pageant?

All you have to do is to contact the webmaster for request of withdrawal. We will review your reasons for withdrawing from the contest and your profile will be removed. Your withdrawal will be announced through the updates in the site. Please be reminded that we are not lenient in letting people withdraw from the contest so please make sure about your decision upon entering the contest.

Can I interact with the members?

Definitely! In this contest, you have to interact with members for higher chances of getting bigger votes. You may interact with them through the forum in the site. You may even receive gift from them from the merchandises. We respect your privacy so we will be the one to send the gifts to you through the address that you will provide. We strongly advice all the contestants not to give out personal information such as IM names, address and contact number.

How do I get my winnings or donations from the members?

It will be sent to you through your bank account or other money transferring firms like e-passporte

How do I know if I received anything from the members?

We will send you an e-mail of the online receipt that is given to the sender in every transaction, whether it is a donation or a merchandise purchase. There will also be a thread online that will announce all the transactions between members and contestants. It is upon the discretion of the member though if he wants the donation to be discreet or not. The moment they send a donation or gift (merchandise), points will automatically be added to you and the pot meter will automatically increase.

How many points will be added for any merchandise made?

There will be a list in the merchandise page as to see how many points per purchase.

How many representatives will there be on the final round for every country?

Unlike typical pageants where only one person is allowed to represent a country, Miss World XXX will allow any number of representatives per country for the final round given that the members have voted for them as the top picks.

What kind of pictures and videos can be submitted?

You can submit any kind of pictures and videos you want, there’s no maximum number. But there are certain rules on what kind of pictures that you will submit. Please refer to the rules and regulations for the images or videos that are not allowed to be published.

When is the deadline for submission of entries?

It would be preferable if you submit your entries ASAP so we can prepare your gallery for you. The deadline will be announced in the site updates a month before we close the submission of entries. Once the submission is closed, we will open the site for members to cast their votes.

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